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Nela Forejtova

Certified Coach, Mentor & Facilitator

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About Nela Forejtova

The only constant is Change! Embrace it!

As my friend once told me "you either get drowned by the wave, you ride the wave or you ARE the wave!"  I believe we all have the capacity to embrace change within us and around us. It all comes down to you. Do you want to see a change in your life? Are you willing to do the work?

I am here to help on that journey of self-discovery, reflection, and growth. Through facilitated discussions or coaching/mentoring sessions, I can help you create a positive change in your life!

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Young Businesswomen
Brainstorming Session


The coaching sessions are suitable for any individuals interested in personal and professional growth. We will explore your desired topic in-depth and move methodically from goal creation to execution.


Mentoring sessions bring value to those who need a sounding board or someone to discuss, debrief, and reflect with their professional development. I believe I can provide added value to those who work in (or plan to transition to) the education & travel industry or young/emerging leaders.


I can facilitate discussions with individuals or teams using a variety of debriefing methods to increase or accelerate productivity, efficiency, and reflection.

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Prague, Czech Republic

+420 731 657 564

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